What time do parking lots open?

  • New in 2012, parking lots open as early as 7:30 p.m. on Friday or 6:00 a.m. on Saturday.  The lots that do open Friday night will have a parking attendant working around the clock.  If you want to park your vehicle at 2:00 a.m., you certainly can!  Please view the “Parking Maps” link on the side for additional information.

Are RV’s allowed to stay overnight?

  • Yes, RV’s may stay overnight.  However, 2 hours after the game is over, alcohol can not be consumed outside the RV.

What type of alcohol isn’t allowed in the tailgates?

  • If you are parking on University Property, you are not allowed to have Liquor/Wine visible.  If the alcohol is out in the open and a police officer sees it, you are subject to fines.  Usually, the cops just confiscate the alcohol.  Beer can be visible.  If you are drinking mixed drinks, keep the bottle hidden!

Am I allowed to carry an alcoholic beverage to the stadium?

  • No, you can not have an “adult beverage” in your possession while walking to the stadium.  If you are caught with a beer while walking on the sidewalks or streets, you will receive a fine.

Do parking lots fill up?

  • Yes!  Parking lots do fill up, all depending on weather conditions and opponent.  If it’s a highly anticipated game, arrive earlier than you normally would to secure a spot.  This is true for cash-only lots as well as lots that require parking permits.  You are not guaranteed  a spot!

What are the scalping rules outside Kinnick stadium?

  • There are no scalping laws that prohibit the resale of a ticket.  You can buy or sell for whatever price you want outside the stadium.  There have been fake tickets sold in previous years, so be certain the seller is trustworthy.  I highly recommend clicking our “Tickets” link at the top of the page and secure your seats before gameday.

How much space am I provided in a parking lot?

  • As long as you don’t disrupt traffic or take up more than 1 space, you can do whatever you want.  There is plenty of room to set up a tent, grill, chairs, as well as games.  For the most room, park where there is grass and that will provide you with additional tailgating space.